Every Wednesday

two times social dance floor

Learning to dance should be fun, and Swing' In Odense's goal is to get out and dance socially.
That's why we offer social dancing twice every Wednesday. The purpose of sweating in classes and workshops is to dance socially. Often, we also go 'out of the house' to dance at events and concerts where swing music is played. Socializing is important, and this is where we enjoy ourselves across classes and levels for your dance. Everyone dances with everyone.
It's the place where you can practice what you've learned in class, apply it, and find your own expression in dance. It's a great idea to train your dance to become a better dancer faster – just like with anything else: practice, practice. And here, we make it fun.
You're very welcome, even if you don't attend classes.
Early Social Dance - 7:45 – 8:15 PM

Free social dance floor for everyone

There is music playing, and an instructor along with other dancers whom you can ask for tips and tricks regarding your dance and challenges.
If you're in Level 1 – Beginners Intermediate, this is the place where you can continue after your class to dance more freely and meet other dancers.
If you're in Level 2 or Level 3, it's the spot where you warm up and dance with both familiar faces and newcomers – the social aspect is highly prioritized here.
Hang out with the other dancers, have a good time, dance with those you know, or get to know new dancers.

Late Social Danse – 9:30 – 10:00 PM

FREE Social Dance for everyone

After the evening's final classes, the music continues to play.
Hang out and try out the evening's moves to the delightful swing music.
It's a fact in learning and improving your dance and style that just a few social dances where you apply the new techniques make it 'stick better' – so stay and give it a try.