Swing’ In Odense

We're passionate about swing dancing. It all began in 2009 in Odense when the first dancers could receive instruction in the swing dances Lindy Hop and Charleston. And here we are still, with plenty of options for you, whether you're a newcomer looking to give it a try or someone who wants to learn more.

Our weekly instructional, practice, and social dance evening is on Wednesdays. You can join us, and you don't need to bring your own dance partner - though you're welcome to do so. It's the week's joyful adrenaline kick and cheerful exercise.

We have an open and very social, international environment where everyone dances with everyone. It's incredibly fun and quickly leads to new dance friends, regardless of age or nationality. We teach in both Danish and English.

Come and experience the energy of the original dances from the 1920s Charleston, 1930s and 40s Lindy Hop and Balboa, and enjoy the joyful swing and jazz music we dance to.

The Social

Swing’ In Odense

We offer weekly group lessons, weekend workshops, social dance events, our annual Christmas party X-Mas Swing Party, and have hosted our own international swing dance festival here in Odense, "The Ugly Duckling Swing Festival," in early May.

We are often out and about attending events and dances, both those we are invited to and those we organize ourselves. Often, it's free, but occasionally there might be an entrance fee.

Our motto is: we learn to dance in the lessons to go out into the world and dance, and it should be fun to dance.
Everything is announced in the calendar and on our Facebook page