Free Trial Lesson

You can have a FREE trial class with basic instruction in swing dance / Lindy Hop and see how much fun it is.
We regularly offer trial classes where you, as a completely new dancer, can simply show up and try it out to see if it's something you enjoy.

Come and enjoy the music - meet new people.
Come alone or bring a friend, colleague, neighbor – everyone is welcome in our laid-back, fun, and international environment. We teach in both Danish and English, as needed.
All we ask is that you bring flat training shoes (indoor use only) and a water bottle, as you might get thirsty.

. If you feel like dancing more, you can continue with a Beginners Workshop and later join Level 1 Beginners Intermediate group classes, learning the basics of Lindy Hop, listening to lots of swing music, and dancing socially after each lesson.

Find the next date on our calendar here on www – or look for the event on our Facebook page

Class description

Beginner Workshop

Get started with the swing dance!

In our beginner workshopo, our experienced teachers will get you off to a great start.
You have been introduced to all the basics and essentials and won't really need to learn more.

Buuut! Perhaps you have discovered that swing dance is fun and you want more. In that case, you are now welcome to join our Level 1 class, where you can further develop what you have learned.

Level 1 - Beginner Intermediate

Development and immersion in swing dance

In Level 1, we delve into the basic techniques and moves of swing dance while also teaching you new variations.
Level 1 consists of three different modules of 6 weeks, each with its own focus, which can be taken in any order.
Once you have completed all three modules, you will be ready for Level 2. If you want to repeat any of the modules, you are welcome to do so.

Module contents:
Swing Out and technique
Review, immersion, and new variations
Lindy Charleston - faster music and dancing

If you have attended classes at another dance school, please contact us. We will figure out where you fit in :-)

Level 2 - Intermediate

Progression, inspiration, and themes

In Level 2, you move forward after completing all three modules in Level 1. Here, the individual teachers bring their own themes and input, which are tailored to the needs of the class. We simply dive even deeper into technique, learn exciting new variations, and refine all the fundamentals.

If you are joining from outside, it is expected that you have a good grasp of and can dance basic moves such as Tuck Turn, Pass By(s), Over åen, Swing Out, and Circle. Additionally, you should have knowledge of Lindy Charleston and be able to easily dance socially.

Level 3 – Advanced

The class for experienced dancers, ready for developing style and expression.

The classes have a fast pace, focusing on technique, patterns, and choreography. It is expected that you can dance to fast music, execute swing-outs and Charleston, and regularly engage in social dancing. You should be able to transition between 6- and 8-count steps and leading/following at various tempos.

Fun & Attitude - Extra Lessons

During the teaching year with the 6-week class courses, there will typically be an extra instructional evening, open to all levels, with a theme outside of the regular curriculum.
It could be a jazz choreography like the group dance Shim Sham or something else.

The extra sessions are free and usually take place during school holidays (autumn break & winter break and Easter holliday).
They will be announced as separate events in our calendar and at the Facebook page